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A major giant of gambling industry has a plenty of applications, which are applicable for different platforms. There are several reasons for this.

Firstly, after the tendency of switching of gambling from offline to online mode, it has started a new tendency of switching of gambling via mobile phones. According to the last statistics, over 60% of punter are playing by their pocket gadgets most. It validates the need of being developed 1xbet mobile app, which is completely followed by the bookie.

Secondly, the company operates worldwide. Thus, it is impossible to abide the law everywhere, because in some regions it even prohibited at all. For that reason, availability of additional equipment like 1xbet app give’s a chance to bypass the prohibition.

1xBet mobile site operating more than in 50 countries in 5 continents, so ensure accessibility is not so easy task. However, they developed a sufficient variation of choice for their users.

The bookie has an 1xbet apk for smartphone’s and tablets, based both on Android and iOS; an app for Windows desktop named «1xWin», as well as for Linus OS and MacOS; their own browser «1xBrowser», which is created for multiple OS either; a special application for bypassing the prohibition of the platform, which is called «1xBet Access App». Finally, there is a bot in Telegram Messenger due to which a betslips can also been proceeded.

1xbet apps

This review would estimate the all of variation, providing the guides of downloading and installing them, as well as showing the features at a glance.

Moreover, for all of the punters recently came to 1xBet mobi it is offered a welcome bonus on the first bankroll, which can be increased with promo code 1x_170845 we introduce. Traditionally, it composed 100€/100$ depending on the currency you chose. With the promo code 1x_170845 inserted during the registration, it automatically will be risen to 130€/130$ without any additional circumstances needed.

1xBet Mobile App

For all smartphones and tablets 1xBet has 2 platform variations — applicable to Android and iOS. Beside them, ordinary version of the website is fully optimized to 1xBet mobile version resolution screens and remains all the features.

However, punters might face with some challenges connected with prohibition of the app in AppStore of some regions.

Next it will be covered how to handle with it, so you would be able to proceed it without any worrying.

By the way, it is not concern Nigeria, because there the bookie has official license and operates completely approvedly. What is more, the company an official partner of soccer Nigeria Professional Football League (NPFL) and National Soccer Team in Nigeria. It also the major contributor to the «Confédération africaine de football (CAF)» and «African Cup of Nations (AFCON)» tournaments.

Pros and cons of 1xBet App

  • Widespread line of applications applicable for all existing platforms (e.g. Android. iOS, Windows/Linux/MacOS)

  • A feature of LIVE-streaming integrated in the app

  • Ability to enable «Touch ID» and two-factors authentication to ensure safet

  • Easy-to-combine with additional equipment

  • Overloadness because of the lack of division on sections (e.g. separate app for betting and Casino)

  • Lack of statistics

  • Sophisticated installation process in some regions

  • Stream-broadcasting is provided not for all event

App for iOS

Users which are supported production from Apple are rewarded by developed application for their OS, which is quite rare between Nigerians bookies. Thus, it is additional advantage for it.

1xbet ios app

Here’s a quick instruction of download 1xbet app and go through installing process via iPhone/iPad:

  1. Visit 1xBet official website through Safari or another browser of the phone you prefer
  2. Keep the way to bottom’s of the page until you’d see the inscription «Mobile Applications»
  3. Determine appropriate OS by clicking here
  4. Be redirected to the original page of the bookie in AppStore, it looks as it shown on screenshot
  5. Start 1xbet app download and during this process register on the website (don’t forget about the code 1x_170845 while registering)

How to bypass prohibition

In case you recognized that the software is banned in AppStore (in Nigeria it isn’t), it’s not a problem. Here’s instruction how to handle with such situation.

  1. Go to profile setting of iPhone/iPad (the highest tab with your name and surname)
  2. Elect «AppStore & iTunes» from the list
  3. Go to your Apple ID (the highest tab again) and write down the password
  4. Click on «Country & Region» in order to change the region (e.g. Nigeria or else region allowing gambling)
  5. Restart your iPhone/iPad and follow the previous instructions to download the app

Once the operation would be proceeded, you may change the region back. In that case, you won’t be able to get the newest update’s of the app, but the app will remain and operate freely.

App for Android

Application of the bookie is equal to the previous OS, but there shouldn’t be a problem of its prohibition in PlayMarket. However, it might occur another one, connected with permission to install. It can be solved not much sophisticated then in previous example. For that:

  1. Go to settings of your device
  2. Choose «security» section
  3. Open «administration» tab
  4. Select «unknown sources»
  5. Confirm it from unknown resources

Good job, buddy! Now it’s time to 1xbet apk download.

1xbet android app

  1. Visit 1xBet official website through Safari or another browser of the phone you prefer
  2. Keep the way to bottoms of the page until you’d see the inscription «Mobile Applications»
  3. Determine appropriate OS by clicking here
  4. Be redirected to the original page of the bookie in PlayMarket
  5. Start downloading it and during this process register on the website (don’t forget about the code 1x_170845 while registering)

Quite easy, right? There is an option you should be aware of: your gadget must be at list based on Android 4.1. If it’s not, the app won’t be run. You should take part in one of the 1xBet promo campaigns, some of them rewarded winners with iPhone XR/XS.

The app is perfectly run on such smartphones as Sony Xperia XZ2, LG G5, HTC 10, Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge or S8, etc.

«1xWin» for Windows

«1xWin» — separate application made by 1xBet for computer desktops. It is multiplatform and suitable for 3 main OS: Windows, Linux and MacOS. However, each of them has separate installation file, so let’s cover the installation process in order to you wouldn’t be confused after.

The app follows the appearance of ordinary website interface, but run directly on your PC. Another huge advantage of it consist on the fact that it would be operating whatever prohibited the bookie in current region or not. No need to bypass. No need VPN. Just connection to Internet.

1xbet 1xwin app

Software is applicable for Windows 7, 8, 8.1, 10, Linux RPM X64 or Linux RPM X86 and MacOS. To install it, do the following:

  1. Open your internet-browser and visit official website of the bookmaker
  2. Scroll down the page until you’d see bottom’s menu subdivided by sections
  3. Finds the «Apps» section and choose Windows OS (even if you’re using Mac or Linux)
  4. Choose «1xWin app» and tap download it
  5. Choose folder for saving the installation file and wait till it’d be downloaded
  6. Run the file and complete the procedure by following instructions


Despite the app, bookie has also own-developed browser, which repeats design of ordinary platform and application described before. Although, it has an extra advantage in possibility to open multiple tabs at one time just as in traditional browser, like Google Chrome, Opera or Edge.

As well as in previous example, it is split separately for Windows, Linux and MacOS.

«1xAccess App»

One more software presented by 1xBet which is aimed of bypassing the prohibition only.

Once you’ve downloaded apk file, installed it and run on the PC, it would provide you actual mirror-link generated by the system. That’s the whole functionality of it.

If it still not enough

As an extra option for those, who tired of ordinary platform, here’s an opportunity to play via Telegram Messenger. Here’s a channel of the bookie — @xbetChannel. For betting — @bot1xBetBot. For answers or just talking about nothing — @xBetConsultBot.

Extremely important message: this 3 accounts mentioned are from 1xBet, any others — are not and with high possibility want to crowd you, stole your money and ruin your life. You should contact tech support of original one (@xBetConsultBot), they would ruin life of this malefactor. Beware of counterfeiting !

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Can I download 1xBet app on Google Play?

The app is waiting until you download it and it’s free, by the way

I downloaded the app but what if it won’t install?

Once you downloaded it, you can use it anyway. In case some troubles with operating of the app appears, you should contact tech support and wonder how quickly they’d handle with this challenge

Was 1xBet mobile app ever not working?

Despite the fact it’s banned in some regions, during the whole history such situations have not happened

Can You Change The Odds From Fractional To Decimal?

And vice versa, as well as any of 6 possible odds formats

Is the app available on Android 4.1?

Or higher, but not lower

Can I register if I am 18 years old?

Or higher, but not lower

Is phone bettor supported?

The app was developed for this purposes, seriously

Can I withdraw through bank transfer?

Or via one of another possible ways, there are huge variety of ways to withdrawal, extensively huge, even enormous

What time is the customer service available?

In the morning, afternoon, evening or even at night. Every day. 24/7.

Can I register in my country?

Whatever country you’ve been from, 1xBet is against discrimination and allows punters from any nationality, race or gender

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